Are Bikers Who Wear Dreads Really a Rock Star?

The subject of dreads bikers is a common one. It’s a trend that has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. If you are a biker, chances are you have seen pictures or video of dreads bikers in action. I can’t help but compare it to the early rock and roll era, when groups like Motley Crew and Buffalo Springfield were all fun and funky.

Bikes are getting more mainstream these days. A lot of people think that because a biker has a cool looking bike, he automatically has attitude. This isn’t necessarily true. It may just be the tattoos that the biker is wearing. Let me explain.

First, most tattooed people probably don’t have attitude. The guys in the Motley Crew always looked like they were ready to jump into a fight if someone got in their way. A lot of these people are just scared kids who ride around in their parents cars. The guys with dreads on their faces belong in another world. They’re not hard core bikers, they’re just kids with a huge sense of humor.

Secondly, a dreads biker is not really showing his attitude. Let’s say you see a middle aged man in dreads riding around an old beat up old bike. Doesn’t that guy just look mean? Maybe so, but I’m sure he’s not putting any gas in his bike. He’s just having fun. There’s a big difference!

Third, most rock stars don’t wear dreads. I know people who do. It seems that it helps them get attention from girls and guys, but isn’t that why they are a rock star? Isn’t it the image that you want to project that says: “I’m a cool guy who doesn’t care about women?”

These are three very real reasons that a dreads biker isn’t as cool as he could or should be. If you’re a dreads biker, I hope you can accept this and understand. Don’t give up, and don’t look at other riders like they’re some kind of female hipster niggers.

You are just like any other biker out there. You may be a little on the edge, a little crazy, and a little opinionated. But you’re still part of a community. You’re still part of something bigger than yourself. It’s part of your identity, just like your dreads.

That’s the beauty of the bike. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’re still a rock star. Just because you’re wearing dreads now doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and wait for everyone else to jump on the same stage. You have to continue to express yourself. Express yourself by wearing dreads.

You’re just like any other rock star. You work hard, play your hardest, and you sweat a lot. But you’re also a sweet baby. You have a great family. You have a lot of fun experiences.

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