The Most Popular Hora Loca Design For Homes

The most popular form of Hawaiian style living is Hora Loca, or Hula Homes. Hula is just a style of dance traditionally performed by the Hawaiian people. Hora Loca is the Hawaiian word for house.

Hula Homes are in fact quite distinctive from traditional house styles. While these houses may have some similarities with traditional houses, they are much more unique and specific in their construction. Hula Homes are usually situated on a slope, and their roofs may be cinder block or stone. Traditional Hawaiian homes and hora loca are usually more elaborate than traditional homes.

Hula Locas usually is composed of three stories with balconies and other formal additions. Top of the levels are generally designed to accommodate a swimming pool or separate residence that may incorporate a bathroom. Some houses may be as simple as a concrete foundation, while others may contain gazebos or palm trees.

Hora Locas is often characterized by elaborate stone-carved patterns on the inside walls. These patterns often refer to mythical gods, food, clothing, or trees.

These houses are the most used form of Hora Loca due to their ability to be scaled down so that they may be easily transported by transportation truck, bus, etc. This is a superb benefit for a household who travels to Hawaii or does renovations to these homes.

Hula Locas is utilized as shelter through the rainy season in the summer. People place many wooden racks in their roofs, which hold water before the rains subside and the roof dries out. Other advantages of living in these houses are that the homeowners don’t have to deal with mosquitoes or dung beetles, and they don’t need to get an air-conditioning unit installed. Even with the help of air-con, humidity levels still fluctuate from month to month.

Hula Locas is great for anyone who loves the natural beauty of Hawaii. Additionally, they provide a sense of community and style. Plus, many are beautifully decorated with ornate stone carvings. You’ll find Hora Loca all around the island, or you can search online to find a local Hora Loca builder or homeowner.

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